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„The original idea: A business travel agency with outstanding individualized service, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, connected with a global network of like-minded agencies with the ultimate goal of providing business clients the best advantages available. After an extended professional stay in North America, we – Angela Cordes Weber and Theo A. Cordes – realized this idea and launched our Uniglobe Smart Travel agency in Greven near Münster, Germany, in 1998.

In 2012, I – Jens Weyland – changed my career from nearby Gütersloh to embrace the Uniglobe business travel management ideals by launching my own agency. The Cordes and I soon recognized that we could bring many more advantages to our SME-clients by combining our talents and resources. We therefore teamed up and incorporated as the Uniglobe Smart Travel GmbH in 2015.

Now, even after about 25 years, we are still passionately dedicated to providing the best possible individualized service utilizing the most advanced technologies to serve and excite our clients with this same spirit. Among these clients are numerous small and medium-sized (SME) family businesses throughout Germany. Our 4P Approach of personalized, proactive, price-optimized and more perfect business travel service for these clients is more relevant than ever. This reinvigorates our Uniglobe team anew daily. While business travel has become intensely complex, it continues to be an indispensable component for Germany as one of the world’s largest export nations. For this reason, our dedicated service agents are continually giving highly professional and personalized support, which has become essential in helping to maneuver through the complexities of today’s business travel. 

Utilize the competence of the Uniglobe experts and technologies to land well with your international clients, so your business trips can be most advantageous, efficient and sustainable for you.”

Angela Cordes, Theo A. Cordes, Jens Weyland, Managing Directors

Brand Equity for
Your Value Added

Uniglobe’s brand equity is comprised of the 4P Approach, which focuses
primarily on your advantages. Indeed, we are dedicated to thinking, working,
and organizing your business travel management needs more personally,
more proactively, more price-optimized and mor perfectly for you.
4P – Our Values – Your Advantage

You’ll perform better
because we perform
better for you

What triggers us?

Most companies can easily explain what they do. They can also elaborate on how they do it. The same applies to Uniglobe.
The preceding web pages illustrate how Uniglobe can provide many more advantages to optimize and advance your business
travel management. However, one question is particularly noteworthy: WHY does Uniglobe do what it does? The answer:
Uniglobe is strongly convinced that optimizing your business travel directly facilitates your business success.
This realization triggers us to perform at our best. The Uniglobe creed:

Landing well begins with
having landed well.

Arrive at your destination relaxed and rejuvenated.
Utilize the best travel options to your destination.
Facilitate your business success.
By perfecting your travel management.

Designated Travel Consultants.
We take “dedicated” literally.

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